Home Page Image Rotation

With a homepage image rotation, HiFi offers an option to visually highlight the most important aspects of your community. 


A blog is a fantastic method to increase inbound marketing and grow website traffic.  HiFi allows users to create and manage this publishing tool, which helps your cause reach a  larger audience.

Social Media Integration

Social media is a lot like a car; if you have it and don't use it, you go nowhere.  Social media integration ensures that website visitors see your online posts and stay updated on your community's news.

Form Builder

Custom forms allow you to gather detailed information on website visitors.  A form can serve a multitude of purposes; an efficient way to contact you, an email newsletter subscription, or a volunteer sign-up.


Media on a website can be like the difference between plain text and a pop-up-book.  Enhance your website with image galleries, videos, downloadable PDFs, and interactive pages.

Custom Design

NMC and Liaison Design Group work together to custom design and develop every website.  The final product is unique and specifically tailored to the exact needs of each client.  Bringing community personality to life, a custom design is the best way to show who you are and what you stand for. 

User-Friendly Interface

HiFi allows for complete creative flexibility without complexity.  The system is configured using a number of simple types like ‘page,’ ‘gallery,’ and ‘form’ organized into a comprehensive site tree.  Users can easily add, edit and rearrange content without having to spend years learning web development.

Calendar Pulls

Quickly and easily keep website visitors informed of upcoming events with calendar pulls.  Simply edit event details in Google Calendars and HiFi will pull the information, expertly displaying it for all to see.