Don't let the dates fool you!

I recently got a call that maybe I shouldn't have... This gentleman searched for "economic development websites" and we came up pretty early in the rankings. That's because we do a ton of work in the economic development arena. But we primarily perform that work under our respective company names—Liaison Design Group and New Media Campaigns. You see, YourTownCMS is a brand created a few years back to test an SEO technique. It's worked incredibly well. So well in fact that we're having a hard time keeping up with the blog posts on this site.

My long story is finally coming to it's point. You see, the person that called almost didn't because he saw how old the last blog post was. I'm grateful that he mentioned it to me so I could at least create this quick post. I can absolutely assure you that the design, technology and economic development experience behind YourTownCMS is alive and well.

So please. Don't just look at the most recent post date of our blog. Come check us out at Liaison Design Group and New Media Campaigns to see what we're up to.